Owners of Pasadena real estate are usually making a long term buying decision. Sure, the city of Pasadena is the best place in the sunshine state for buying a home for your family. With quaint period architecture, history and a thriving community culture, Pasadena has everything a starting family needs for a comfortable living. But what exactly are the sites that make Pasadena one of the most desired places to buy a home? Hold on to your GPS’s. Here’s our shortlist of Pasadena’s must-see sites.

Pasadena Sites

Pasadena Sites of Interest- Pasadena City Hall

1. Oldtown Pasadena   My what a city of character! Pasadena is rich with historical beaut significance but Oldtown is a perfect mix of history and modern comforts.For most locals, Oldtown is 22 blocks of pleasant shopping, dining and walking but there is no ignoring the awe-inspiring architecture and historical reverence that speaks to you at every corner. There are lots of shopping attractions and amazing restaurants along Colorado Boulevard making it a very happening location and prime for real estate urbanites. But right in the center of it all is Pasadena’s city hall, which boasts classic spanish style architecture, perfectly kept in tact as a focal point for a great tourist picture. Passing hotspot restaurants you can find a few statues like that of Jackie Robinson.   2.  Eaton Canyon

Eaton Canyon

Eaton Canyon – Pasadena Sites of Interest

Nature lovers by the droves trek to Eaton Canyon to sit by the waterfall or hike through the beautiful canyon trails. The short trails and flat terrain make it easy to take the kids along or just go at it alone on a less than busy day. Bring your dogs to the Canyon for a brisk walk and don’t be surprised if they aren’t the only little animals running around you in this otherwise serene escape. New to the area? Get to know the whole of your neighborhood as you will most likely pass by mothers pushing strollers, young couples out for a stroll and elderly ladies getting a much needed morning promenade. The Eaton Canyon Golf course is also a good place to get a few swings on a sunny day. 3. Norton Simon Museum

Norton Simon Museum

Norton Simon Museum – Pasadena Sites of Interest

You don’t have to be a particularly seasoned art buff to appreciate the masterpieces held at the Norton Simon Museum. With names like Monet, Van Goh and Picasso from room to room, early industrialist, Norton Simon’s collection is world-renowned and a must-see visit on any trip to Pasadena. Like most Pasadena attractions, the Simon Museum is a respite and beautiful setting for dining at its cafe while staring onto the sculpture garden of wild plant life and still waters. Still, this location is busy with local families as there are a number of planned programs and activities hosted here for you to enjoy. When you’re done viewing the impressive galleries and collections of European artistry you can step right outside and into Oldtown for a livelier nightlife ending to your day. 4. Rose Bowl Flee Market

Pasadena Flea Market

Pasadena Flea Market – Pasadena Sites of Interest

Over 2,000 vendors assemble at Pasadena’s monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market. It’s held on the second Sunday of every month. For only about $8 you and your family can roam around and buy almost anything on the Flea Market floor! There’s independent fashionistas selling everything from vintage clothing to leather high fashion boots and handmade jewelry. There are also extremely original crafted works like art nouveau furniture makers and family home decor artists. The chances of finding a great deal are high with so many choices and eager buyers, many of which have purchased early bird tickets allowing them to enter the market as early as 5am! Oh yes, this is by far one of the best markets in the nation and if you don’t hold onto your family you could easily lose them in a matter of minutes within the crowd. The only other thing more exceptional than shopping with friends or loved ones is the enormous selection of food vendors at the flea market. You can easily pack on the pounds with the tempting smells of roasted corn, gourmet pretzels, cinnabons, tacos, burgers, sausages and fruit smoothies all around you. If you happen to miss this monthly event, there is always the Pasadena City College Flea Market which is held each Sunday of every month right on the campus parking lots.

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